Spain’s Costa Almeria resort town Mojacar opens up beaches and businesses in first phase of lockdown de-escalation

OPEN AGAIN: Mojacar’s beaches are now open for walks and individual exercise CREDIT: Mojacar Informa

MOJACAR enters Phase one of the lockdown de-escalation with a good number of businesses reopening and the opportunity for residents to enjoy relaxation of home confinement rules and restrictions on movement.

One of the big changes is that the council has opened up the beaches. People are now allowed onto the sand for their hour’s walk or individual exercise between 6am and 11pm, but must practise social distancing. Sunbathing and swimming remain banned for the time being.

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Another important change also relates to the hour of outdoor physical activity. The local authority has established the municipality as two separate areas of population: Mojacar village and Mojacar Playa.

Since individually they have less than 5,000 inhabitants, the allocated time slots for walks and exercise according to age no longer apply. In other words, whatever their age Mojacar residents are free to go out for an hour at any time between 6am and 11pm.

The conditions of not going further than a kilometre from home and a maximum of three children per adult still apply and children’s playgrounds remain out of bounds.

Municipal services are still being offered online where possible, but the municipal library is due to open this week, from 9am to 2pm. It will be obligatory to wear gloves and masks and to practise social distancing. Materials must be requested from library personnel and cannot be taken outside.

The public fountain has been reopened, and the market in Plaza Rey Alabez starts up again on Wednesday, but selling only foodstuffs and with measures in place to comply with health safety regulations and to control the number of people. The Sunday market is not restarting yet.

Local shops and businesses in premises of less than 400sqm are able to reopen their doors again from today Monday, but with a 30 per cent limit on the number of customers allowed inside and with a timetable for giving priority to the over-65’s.

Bars, cafes and restaurants can reopen their terraces, with a maximum limit of 50 per cent of their tables and no more than 10 people at a table and with minimum safety distances between each.

Hotels and tourist accommodation establishments can also open from today, but communal zones have to remain closed.

The council thanked local residents for their civic and responsible behaviour since the start of the lockdown, and expressed the hope this will continue during this new phase, ensuring Mojacar is a safe destination for both residents and visitors.


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