Almuñecar mayor complains of unfairness at being left to one side in government’s de-escalation timetable

EXCLUDED: Almuñecar remains in Phase Zero of lockdown, credit: Almuñecar town hall

EXCLUDING the town from Phase One of the State of Alarm de-escalation timetable was an injustice, said Almuñecar’s mayor Trinidad Herrera.

“Of course we all agree that health comes first but we have followed the same guidelines as other towns,” she pointed out.

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“I think it’s an injustice and a lack of democratic principles to consider some provinces as Health Districts and not others, as in Granada,” Herrera continued.

“Obviously we all know that in the Costa Tropical there have been many days without contagions, that the infection level has been quite low and I feel that the Sur Health District should gone on to Phase One,” the mayor said.

“It’s particularly unfair bearing in mind the number of businesses that were preparing to open.

“We have been having a very hard time and logically everyone is trying to survive.  It’s very sad that we have been left to one side like this,” Herrero concluded.




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