WATCH: Spain’s Iberia passengers INFURIATED with lack of social distancing measures on flight today

Iberia's passengers complained about the lack of social distancing measures on flight.

SPAIN’S Iberia passengers today were infuriated with the lack of social distancing measures on its practically full flight today.

“Where is the social distancing Iberia,” complained the post on Twitter, by Efren Hernandez (@efren_hr). “The plane is practically full and there’s not even a seat between passengers. This is shameful!”

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The Twitter video below reveals passengers arguing with the cabin crew, with one traveller insisting that the police be called to the scene to report Iberia’s lack of regard for the passengers’ health and safety amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Iberia Express, responded to the Twitter post below, saying that it has adhered to all the security measures mandated by the authorities, including daily disinfection.

Another person in the Twitter feed then asked Iberia: “And what about the social distancing measures? None to earn more money. Disgraceful.”

As you can see from the Twitter video below, Iberia’s passengers are far from impressed with its “security measures” to adequately protect passengers from the risk of Covid-19 contagion.








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