UNICEF Issues new guidelines for the safe reopening of schools in Spain and calls for the most vulnerable children to be sent back first.


UNICEF in Spain has urged the autonomous Regions of Spain to consider that the most vulnerable and at-risk children be returned to school as soon as possible.

Spain is a country of autonomous regions, they are allowed by the Federal government to make decisions on certain subjects pertinent to their particular area, similar to the US.

As ministers discuss with Spanish PM, Pedro Sanchez, just how to emerge correctly and safely from the current crisis UNICEF has firmly requested that children be allowed back to educational facilities to be able to carry on with their schooling.

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Months of lessons have been missed and most of all social interaction with other students has been lost. Hopefully, now this situation can be corrected with new measures being introduced to ease lockdown restrictions.

Recently it was allowed for children to go out for walks with their parents and now in Barcelona, they can use the beaches and exercise. One thing, however, that is an area of concern is the abuse some children suffer at home.

Teachers are trained to recognise the symptoms of abuse and regularly report instances of child abuse to authorities on the child’s behalf, it is a safety net for them and has saved many children’s lives over the years.



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