Our view and press opinion from Spain and the UK.

Supermarkets stripped bare. Credit: Twitter

Our view and press opinion from Spain and the UK.

New values

UP Until a month ago, we had become completely accustomed to full, constantly topped up supermarket shelves. We could get whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted it. But did we ever actually stop to consider what it took to produce food or where the constant flow came from? Food had become a commodity we no longer had to fight for, it was readily available. However, when the Coronavirus pandemic slapped the world in the face it put certain things, like the need for food, into perspective. Faced with stripped supermarket shelves, closed bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants, reality bit, HARD.

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Some of those in isolation were robbed of their packaged sandwich breakfast, ready meals from supermarkets and easy alternatives from the kebab shop and had to try something new, cooking from scratch, getting inventive and fending for themselves.
In doing so nine out of 10 adults report that they are more aware of how much food they are wasting, and over a third of consumers are throwing out less than before the crisis struck. We are learning to value food as well as learning to value our own abilities to handle change and survive.
However, we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent. When we return to normality we must carry over this new respect for food and ultimately our new respect for survival.


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