Young Father-of-two in the UK Miraculously Survives a 30-Day Battle with Coronavirus Despite Having Pneumonia, Sepsis and Heart Failure

Omar Taylor: Miracle recovery made in the UK.

Some positive news today is the story of 31-year-old Omar Taylor who was placed in an induced coma after having suffered a long and difficult battle against the coronavirus, however he is out of the hospital just in time for his son’s birthday.

OMAR has finally been discharged after spending 30 days attached to a ventilator and even losing the ability to speak. During his time in hospital he suffered a double pneumonia, sepsis and heart failure.

However, he has now made, what can only be called, a miraculous recovery at the Colchester Hospital after staff had to warn his family to expect the worst.

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Staff were afraid that he would not recover feeling or use of his right arm and told Omar that he may never walk again, however he has defied all odds by leaving hospital on foot surrounded by applauses from staff around him.

His wife, a student nurse, with whom he shares two children, Katilyn Taylor said that “First we were told he was going to die, then we were told he would never be able to walk. His recovery is an absolute miracle. It was utterly overwhelming. He was determined to get out in time for our son’s second birthday and he did it.”

Omar Taylor is now receiving an intense at-home rehabilitation programme which is set to last for a total of 12 weeks. He has already begun to recover some of his speech and can speak two or three words at a time. His right arm unfortunately remains paralysed, but doctors are hopeful that he will make a full recovery by the end of the year.


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