Spain’s Catalonia confirms Western Pyrenees, Tarragona & Ebre are ready to advance to Phase 1 of deescalation

Photo: Cordon Press.
Catalunia confirms that Spain's Western Pyrenees is ready for Phase 1 of deescalation, along with Tarragona and Ebre. CREDIT: Cordon Press

The Catalan government has confirmed today that only three of its areas  –Western Pyrenees, Tarragona and Ebre – are ready to move to Phase 1 of the lockdown de-escalation plan. 

CATALONIA’S Health Minister Alba Vergés, stated that these three areas out of nine in the region (by health district), “are the only ones with a low risk of a new coronavirus outbreak,” at a press conference today (Wednesday).

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The Western Pyrenees, Tarragona and Ebre are therefore ready to move to Phase 1 on Monday May 11. The other six districts, including towns such as Barcelona, Girona and Lleida, have to wait “a few more days,” because they are not ready yet, added Vergés,

However, the final decision rests with the Central Government because like Andalucia, Catalonia has suggested that restrictions should be lifted by health district, and not by province.


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