VIDEO: Spanish cops injured in mob attack by neighbours hurling sticks and stones

MOB VIOLENCE: Two officers were treated for cuts from broken glass as stones and sticks were hurled at them. CREDIT: Policia Local

Two Spanish cops were injured during a mob attack by neighbours who hurled sticks and stones at them after an earlier arrest.

TWO Local Police officers were hurt and a vehicle damaged during the incident in Pontevedra.

Eight suspects have been identified in connection with the attack in the town of O Vao de Arriba yesterday, and are pending arrest.

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According to reports, the violence kicked off when a Local Police came to the aid of the Guardia Civil who had previously arrested a young male in Poio in connection with a seperate offence.

When the Local Police arrived, the first patrol had already left and they were met with a barrage of stones and sticks.

The two injured cops were treated for various cuts from broken glass from the patrol car and some bruising.

The officers “had to abandon the car and take refuge on the outskirts of the town to avoid greater harm,” sources from Poio City Council told Vanguardia, which claims O Vao de Arriba is considered a main point of sale of drugs in the province of Pontevedra.

It is believed the two police forces have “already identified eight people as participants in the altercation, although they have yet to be located.”

Sources added that tensions started when a Guardia Civil patrol arrested an individual who, according to police, was already known to them for repeated breaches of confinement.

Neighbours seemingly attempted to protest and even to obstruct the police, but didn’t succeed. The violence spilled over when the second team of officers arrived.



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