Should an exception be made for Axarquia in de-escalation phases?

Movement between provinces in Andalucia will not happen unless the whole region can access Phase 3 of de-escalation as a block next week, confirmed Elías Bendodo, spokesperson for the Andalucian Government. Photo credit: Junta de Andalucia

Regional government’s spokesman suggests that exception should be made for Axarquia in de-escalation phases.
JUNTA spokesman, Elias Bendodo, suggested that Axarquia should skip one of the national government’s coronavirus de-escalation phases.
“Areas with a lower incidence should be one phase ahead,” Bendodo claimed.
“There are very many municipalities with no cases,” he argued, pointing out that the president of Spain’s government, Pedro Sanchez, has already said that there would be “more flexibility.”
Bendodo also lamented that Spain’s autonomous regions had not been able to take part in the de-escalation plans.
“Governing is one thing but transmitting the rules is another.”
The programme was not clear, the spokesman maintained, as few people understand instructions straight away. Despite this, the Junta was committed to accepting the rules, Bendodo said, while calling on the national government to publish concrete order for unrolling the de-escalation plan.


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