More than 180 arrests and thousands of fines for lockdown violations in Spain’s Costa Almeria

LAW ABIDING: There were no reports of major lockdown violations in the province over the May Day bank holiday weekend CREDIT: Mojacar Informa Facebook

GUARDIA CIVIL made 185 arrests and issued nearly 10,500 fines for lockdown violations in Almeria in April, Spanish press reported.

Twenty eight of the detentions were during Easter and 1,300 of the fines were for breaking the restrictions on free circulation.

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According to reports there were no major lockdown violation incidents over the long May Day bank holiday weekend, when for the first time since the State of Alarm came into force in mid-March people were allowed out of their homes for an hour’s fresh air and exercise.

Guardia Civil State of Alarm compliance controls last month in the province also led to the discovery of various other kinds of crimes.

Officers caught out a 31-year-old man driving around with 30 kilos of hashish buds in the boot of a hire car. The Guardia also frustrated a clandestine cock fight in Adra, which 16 people had ignored the confinement regulations to go to.

On another occasion officers stopped a pair with 1.4 kilos of hash in their vehicle as well as a lot of booze.


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