Local Police discover Large Cache of Money and Stolen Car in Spain’s Malaga City

The money found in the car Credit: Malaga Council

LAST Saturday (May 2), Local Police officers in Malaga City spotted an Audi Q2 with the engine running and a back door window open but with no driver or passenger visible.

The officers had previously spoken to two men who it transpired had come to the city from Madrid to undertake some work and as the officers inspected the vehicle they made some interesting discoveries.

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In the glove compartment they found documents of one of the men they had previously questioned and denounced as well as three mobile phones.

On the back seats were some jackets and a bag and when they opened the bag it was full of €5, €10 and €20 banknotes, totalling €99,940 so the vehicle and its contents were taken into police custody.

With further investigation, they found that there was a report to the Guardia Civil in a Madrid suburb saying that the car had been stolen at the end of March.

No arrests have been made as yet.


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