easyJet sets sights on starting flights to Portugal’s Algarve & Madeira by end of June

EasyJet is reported to be planning flights to Portugal's Funchal & Faro by the end of June.

easyJet has its sights set on starting flights to Portugal’s Algarve and Madeira by the end of June.

DURING an interview on Portuguese TV channel RTP3, the Director of easyJet Portugal, José Lopes, indicated that the first easyJet domestic routes to open will be from Portugal to Funchal (Madeira) and Faro (Algarve), as well as those connecting with other countries with large populations, such as France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and the UK.

It makes sense for easyJet to start planning flights for the end of June, as “very few hotels will be open in May,” said Lopes. “The great majority open in June. By the end of June we’re hoping that 75 per cent of hotels [in Portugal] will be back in operation.”


However, resuming flights will also depend on other factors, such as when other countries will open their borders, and when people will be able to travel for holidays. Nevertheless, news that the first easyJet routes to open will potentially be to Faro comes as good news for Algarve’s tourism, as it’s hoped that it will “bring in much-needed business, particularly from golfers,” according to Algarve’s tourism association.



  1. I have timeshare in Madeira & am due to fly 5th Oct 2020 & have been informed that I will NOT be staying in my lovely timeshare apt but that I will have to self-isolate at a Madeira Government designate hotel & will not be able to come out of my room. I have been told to contact the chain where I own my timeshare in September but at the time when I phoned yesterday everyone arriving at Funchal Airport will be taken to a hotel to self isolate. Until a vaccination against Covid19 is produced.


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