A Future Gibraltar May see less Pollution and More Pedal Power

One of the e-bikes outside the Gibraltar Post Office in Main Street Credit: Gibraltar Government

AS Gibraltar gears up to a new future with less pollution, it has already announced that it will be closing certain roads to through traffic and is looking for more people to start using bicycles rather than cars or motor scooters.

This week, the Gibraltar Post Office is joining in by trialling for three months two e-assisted bikes which have been made available by a local e-bike importer.

The bikes which are made in the Far East for German company Riese & Müller are top of the range with state of the art Bosch motors, inbuilt lighting, disc brakes, secure locks and various speed settings.


The cargo load area of the bikes is designed to primarily carry letters and small packages and if the trial is deemed successful, the Gibraltar Post Office is likely to expand the program especially as postal workers have welcomed the addition of the new bikes to the fleet.

According to the Minister for Postal Services, Vijay Daryanani; “Electric bikes are proving to lower the psychological barrier to getting people out of cars and as such, I wholeheartedly welcome this move. I hope we will see more local businesses inspired to follow suit.”

Additionally, the assistance of an electric motor will make it easier for those riding the bikes to manage the many steep inclines that even the centre of Gibraltar experiences.


  1. Hi John, many thanks for including this article in your report.

    Factually accurate except for one significant detail – Riese&Müller pride themselves on employing a highly skilled workforce, who are appropriately compensated, in a state of the art, sustainably powered, assembly plant which is located in Germany. They are very much not ‘made in the Far East’.

    Very much appreciate you making this correction.

    Wishing you well and looking forward to a better normal post lockdown.


    Stuart Hedley
    EBike (Gibraltar) Ltd


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