Outrage over footage of councillors and Civil Protection workers in Spain’s Galicia drinking wine in the street

CRITICISM: Councillors and Civil Protection volunteers pictured drinking wine. CREDIT: Twitter

Footage of Civil Protection volunteers and councillors drinking wine in the street in Galicia during State of Alarm has caused outrage on social networks.

THE group were videod clinking glasses while listening to music in the background at the headquarters of the Motoclub Betanzos Cultural and Sports Association, which was given over to the Civil Protection during the coronavirus crisis to give them a base.

The images have caused upset because they were reportedly taken “on the same day that 13 coronavirus positives were registered at the local hospital in Betanzos.”

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One of the councillors defended himself by claiming he is a volunteer coordinating the work of the group and that he attended the meeting for 10, where he only drank one glass of wine, according to La Voz de Galicia.

He also accused the PP of sharing the video and threatened legal action for recording in a private place.

For its part, Betanzos Council acknowledged that “the images broadcast are clearly inappropriate, in the State of Alarm,” and requested that “an act like this not tarnish the good work of the Civil Protection.”



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