Balearic government wants more flights and ferries between Spain holiday islands Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca in lockdown phase one

MOBILITY: The Balearic administration says more people will be moving around under the de-escalation process CREDIT: Arodriguezgo

THE Balearic Island government want an increase in flights and the start of passenger ferry services between the islands from the first day of the move into phase one of the lockdown de-escalation for Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca on May 11.

Formentera is one week ahead of the rest, having now already entered phase one today.

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Balearic Mobility regional minister Marc Pons is calling on Spanish Transport Minister Jose Luis Abalos to allow more “safe” inter-island connections.

As it stands, there is one daily flight connecting Mallorca with Ibiza and Menorca.

“The entry into this new phase implies greater mobility of citizens, and the government is working to guarantee better connectivity between islands,” Pons commented following a meeting with the island airport directors, the Government Delegation in the Balearics, the Port Authority and the Maritime Captaincy to analyse the air and maritime transport situation during the de-escalation process.

He also underlined the implementation of health and safety checks at airports and ports, specifically taking people’s temperatures and health questionnaires, to guarantee the health of passengers and staff.

People going to Formentera by ferry, mainly for work or health reasons, are from today being subjected to the temperature and antibody tests, as well being required to fill out a questionnaire.

If they test positive they have to undergo a PCR test and depending on the results the health authorities decide whether they can travel or not.

They also have to wear face masks, something which is now obligatory on all public transport in Spain.

Commenting on connections with the rest of Spain, the regional minister said it will depend on the State government determined authorisations for movement between the country’s different regions and provinces, and will probably be at the end of phase three.

In regard to international services and under what conditions, Pons said the national government is working with the European Union to reach agreement on measures for journeys with the EU. He said he hoped instructions on the hygiene conditions with all EU ports and airports will have to follow will be published this month.

On a different matter, he revealed that the Port Authority will allow boat owners to visit their craft if they are moored in the municipality where they live via prior authorisation to make sure they are in a good state and to prevent problem which could affect the environment, such as spillages. Under phase two owners will be allowed to visit their boats wherever they are on the island in which they are resident.


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