WATCH: Four metre shark filmed off a beach on Spain’s Costa del Sol

SHARK SIGHTING: It's claimed a four metre shark was gliding the waters of a Costa del Sol beach. CREDIT: Wikipedia

A shark of between three and four metres in length has seemingly come close to the shore of Calahonda beach on Spain’s Costa del Sol today, according to Ideal Granda, which has shared video footage on social media.

ITS presence is said to be due to the lack of activity in the water, with a reduction in marine traffic causing the shark to approach the coastline.

Calahonda is apparently a common area for shortfin mako sharks, but the species in the clip is not believed to be one of them.

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The images were taken from the pier this morning, “to the surprise of those who were walking on the beach,” claims Ideal, adding that a canoeist was sailing through the waters nearby.


As well as a drop in marine traffic, the State of Alarm has left deserted streets across the country, leaving the coast clear for wild boar and roe deer amongst other animals, with numerous clips and photographs circulating on social media.


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