Air Crash Horror in Bolivia sees Costa Blanca Aid Worker from Spain Killed


A Bolivian air force plane crashed killing three Spaniards, including an aid worker from the Costa Blanca.

All six people on the flight died, as it went down in a marshy area outside the city of Trinidad in the north-east of Bolivia.

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Three Spaniards were onboard, with the plane having just taken off from Santa Cruz on a transit journey to link up with a repatriation flight back to Spain.

Also travelling with them was a Bolivian national who lived in Spain.

Amongst those that lost their lives was a volunteer for the group Psychologists Without Borders, Alba Aparicio Formas, from the Valencia region.

The two Bolivian air force crew also died.

The country’s defence ministry said investigators were working to determine the cause of the accident, with early indications being that the plane suffered an engine failure within 12 minutes of taking off.

Alba Aparicio Formas had been on a humanitarian mission to Bolivia, and was described by Psychologists Without Borders on social media as somebody “who gave a tremendous amount in the work she did and that she will great missed.”


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