Charity in Costa del Sol Spain Urgently Needs New Premises to Store Dry Food and Prepare Support Packs

Some of the volunteers at the current store Credit: Collective Calling Facebook

COLLECTIVE CALLING is a charity helping those in need in both the Costa del Sol and Tanzania and is currently serving over 750 people a week, to bring immediate relief to those in urgent need.

Volunteers deliver support packs consisting of non-perishable, staple food items such as grains, cooking oil and beans along with other essential household items such as disinfectant, feminine hygiene products and nappies.

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In addition there are teams of cooks who prepare hot food three times each week in three separate areas to restrict cross-town movement during the lockdown.

With the ever increasing need for help, a new problem has arisen as the charity has been alerted by the President of the community in which it currently has a base in which to store and sort food before distribution that this is no longer acceptable.

Therefore the charity is appealing for assistance from anyone who might have any empty premises in the Marbella to Estepona area which could be made available to Collective Calling at short notice so that it may move all of its stores.

If anyone can help please email Paul Carr at


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