“Responsible” approach to lockdown de-escalation in Spain holiday island Mallorca to guard against backward steps

CONVICTION: “Now we are in a position to continue moving forward”, the Consell de Mallorca President said. CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca Facebook @ConselldeMca

MALLORCA will be taking a “sensible and responsible approach” to the lockdown de-escalation to guard against backward steps, the head of the island government Catalina Cladera stressed.

The Consell de Mallorca President has a positive view of the island being able “to start the return to the ‘new normality’” from May 11 onwards, with the lifting in phases of the current safety confinement measures and the reactivation of commercial, sport, assistance and leisure activities.

According to Cladera “the effectiveness of the measures implemented in Mallorca” have been key to meaning that the island “can comply with a great part of the necessary conditions for beginning the confinement de-escalation.

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“We have battled and are still battling every day against the spread of Covid-19”, she said, “and now we are in a position to continue moving forward, always with maximum safety, with responsibility, to not take any step back.”

The head of the island administration insisted on the need to promote “a grand pact for the reactivation of Mallorca, which we have proposed to the whole of society, social and economic agents, entities, administrations and political parties.”

This, in her opinion, is “the tool which has to accompany Mallorca on this road to health and economic normality.”

Cladera highlighted the point that from May 11 “thousands of business establishments will put up their shutters once again. Certain home social services will start again and museums and libraries will also resume activities. Also audiovisual production and public transport, which will operate at 100 per cent.”

She also said she believed it was important for activity in the tourist accommodation sector to start up again, albeit at minimal levels.

“It is a good measure which goes along the line of not having to give up on the season as lost,” she commented.

“With the little we can do, the maximum number of jobs and our productive sector have to be maintained.

“It is important for Mallorca’s tourism sector to be ready and prepared for when travel is possible once more,” she added.

All that said, the Consell head cautioned that “we cannot relax in complying with the safety measures, which we have to continue maintaining in our all our activities if we do not want to go backwards after the de-escalation.”

She urged citizens to take all personal hygiene measures and to practise social distancing in all circumstances and the use of health protection materials at all times.


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