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More time with loved ones.

Silver linings

THE very thought that the COVID pandemic might have some positive outcomes that could help us live better lives seems guilt-ridden in the face of the sadness and death it has caused.

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However, in the dark times, there has been some hope. For those of us fortunate enough to have a safe and stable home environment to work from, the lockdown has allowed us to discover some silver linings. Some people with mental health conditions have reported feeling much better since the lockdown started.

For those without underlying mental health issues, simply having more time to sleep, more time with loved ones and not having to deal with the crazy world outside, have led to a  sense of enormous wellbeing.  Results of surveys have shown that wellbeing has risen over the last few weeks, and anxiety levels have dropped for those with or without existing disorders.

While this may change as the isolation continues, and levels of anxiety are greater for people with mental illness, the findings are fascinating. People who are driven by keeping up appearances, seeking praise, achievements and being there for everyone have found themselves relaxing, enjoying a feeling of relief at not having to put on a performance.

We have a newfound opportunity to reflect on the ways in which everyday life can make people so anxious it can lead to illness. If we can change the post-pandemic world to prioritise compassion, decency and value perhaps we can hold on tight to these welcome changes.


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