Germany extends worldwide travel warning to mid-June in major blow to Spain’s tourism industry

WORRYING: German tourists are major markets for regions of Spain like Mallorca CREDIT: Liilia Moroz

GERMANY has extended its strict worldwide travel warning to mid-June due to the coronavirus crisis, a move which comes as a major blow to Spain’s tourism sector.

The government warning for all non-essential travel abroad, issued on March 17, was due to expire on May 3. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said it has now been extended to June 14 because the serious risk from the Covid-19 pandemic remains unchanged.

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“We have not yet reached the point where we can recommend carefree travel,” he said on Wednesday.

“Naturally we all hope we won’t need this travel warning after June 14,” the Foreign Minister added.

But adding to concerns of countries like Spain, which in normal times receives millions of German tourists every year, Maas did not specify whether travel would be allowed during the summer holiday season.

He had already cautioned that holidaymakers could not expect to take summer breaks as normal.

In some parts of Germany the summer holidays begin at the end of June.

The minister said the situation would be reviewed with other European Union nations in the coming weeks.

The warning means that Germans who have booked holidays for the next month and a half will be able to get refunds.


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