WATCH: Bus rams into parked car on Spain’s Costa Blanca after the drivers have words

INVESTIGATION: Footage shows car shunted several metres, twice. CREDIT: Facebook

A bus driver on Spain’s Costa Blanca is being investigated after footage emerged which appears to show him accelerate and deliberately ram a parked car after a dispute with the motorist.


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THE clip shows the EMT bus shunt the illegally parked car several metres, twice, after both drivers had exchanged words in Valencia City.

The Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Valencia is now investigating ‘the attack’ by one of its city buses on a private vehicle ‘that was stopped in the bus lane.’

EMT and Local Police confirmed the ‘road rage’ incident occurred on Monday in Calle San Vicente at 12.40pm.

According to sources, the car driver claimed he had been hit by another vehicle and had parked in the lane to ask the driver for documentation.



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