Park and gardens reopening in capital of Spain holiday island Mallorca in move towards gradual lockdown de-escalation

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PALMA Council is reopening 44 of the city’s parks and gardens this week in a move towards a gradual lockdown de-escalation.

The local authority will begin by opening up green zones in all the island capital’s various districts. Then from Friday it will be opening the four big parks: the Bellver forest, the Sa Riera and the Ses Estacions parks, and the Ribera forest park.

The city’s Infrastructure councillor Angelica Pastor said the council wants to help enable compliance with social distancing measures as dictated by the coronavirus health crisis, and at the same time “support taking children for walks and doing sport in more city spaces.”


In preparation for the reopenings, ordinary park maintenance and the cleaning and disinfection of paving and urban furniture has been stepped up.

Once open to the public again there will be daily disinfections, while children’s play areas will remain cordoned off, the council made clear.

Pastor called on the city’s citizens to show “responsibility and civic responsibility” and to “follow the decreed orders during this de-escalation process.”


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