Mass Coronavirus Tests Begin in Spain To Help Get Things Back to Normal

Around 103 people were diagnosed with the disease in Malaga on Wednesday, out of a total of 245 in the whole region accounting for 42% of the number of cases registered across Andalucia, according to the Ministry of Health.

A mass coronavirus testing survey has started in Spain to help to get things back to normal before Covid-19 struck the country.

THE study will test 36,000 families for the presence of antibodies generated to fight off the coronavirus.

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The project will help the government work out the true extent of the pandemic across Spain, which will take into account those who may be immune or resistant to Covid-19.

The Carlos III Institute for Health is carrying out the survey.

It’s director Raquel Yotti said: “The relevance of what we are doing is not just scientific, but will help important decisions to be made over keeping everybody healthy across the country.”


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