Father dumps son on the motorway after running Spanish State of Alarm police check, almost hitting an officer

(Old File Image) CREDIT: Guardia Civil Twitter

A dad who dumped his young son on the hard shoulder after almost running over an officer at a State of Alarm check in Spain, has been arrested after weeks of trying to locate him.

THE 36-year-old was driving along the A-44 in Granada on March 19 when he came across a routine State of Alarm police check.

But rather than stopping, he sped off in a “reckless and dangerous manner,” forcing a traffic officer to move out of the way to avoid being run over.

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Police jumped into a patrol car and chased the suspect, who reportedly stopped briefly on the hard shoulder to let a child out, and made off at “a crazy speed.”

This bought him a little time as officers immediately went to the aid of the child, left alone on the motorway, while the father pulled off in the direction of the town of Peligros.

The Traffic Offences Investigation Group of the Granada Guardia Civil managed to identify the suspect and his address, returning his son to the family home.

But they were then forced to spend weeks watching the man’s house every day until he returned and they were able to arrest him.

Sources confirmed he did a runner, leaving the child on the motorway, to avoid being fined for breaching confinement restrictions and because he doesn’t have a driver’s licence.

The Guardia Civil has also reported the 36-year-old for “abandonment of his minor child” to the Grenada Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.


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