Spain’s Costa del Sol police arrest retired officer threatening to blow himself up in residential block

Costa del Sol steps up surveillance of public & hospitality establishments in Phase 1 of de-escalation.

Last night, Costa del Sol security forces arrested a retired police officer who was threatening to blow himself up in his home in Benalmadena, not only endangering his own life, but everyone else inside and around the apartment block.

RESIDENTS in the building, including surrounding apartment blocks in the area of La Paloma Park, were evacuated after the police attended the scene. It’s alleged that the distressed and retired police officer in question, who is reported to be in his 50’s, called the emergency services around 8pm, warning of an imminent gas explosion. Emergency and law enforcement forces, as well as fire and ambulance services were immediately alerted to attend the scene.

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The retired officer’s brother and father, together with police negotiators, tried to diffuse the situation with little success after several hours of conversation. However, as gas readings in the building reached dangerous levels, the special security squad was left with no choice but to break into the property, and restrain the armed suspect, according to local law enforcement authorities. The suspect is now reported to be undergoing psychiatric evaluation at Malaga’s Clínico Hospital.


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