Watching the labour party


Observing the Labour party, as they endeavour to turn this whole virus disaster into a political issue, really is quite pathetic.

With their usual arrogant attitude, they continue to insult the intelligence of the public by insisting their efforts are merely to ‘assist the government’ and that they ‘only have the countries well-being at heart’.
Utter bull.
They and their new leader (who also needs to answer a few questions when this is all over!) are taking every opportunity to gain Brownie points by nitpicking every single piddling fault they can find. Of course, mistakes have been made. Of course, in hindsight, different decisions may have been more beneficial, but overall I believe that in this completely unprecedented event in our history, the government (minus its leader for most of the time) has done a magnificent job. This has been one of the Uk’s most challenging periods ever. The logistical problems have been a nightmare. The economic and health issues something no government could ever envisage and I for one think they have risen to the occasion most admirably; particularly in managing to strike the delicate balance between keeping a cool head and the creation of total panic!

For the leftie whinger’s to keep trying to score political points is a positive disgrace. Almost beyond belief, they are now calling for the government to publish their plans for the countries recovery when the nightmare is all over. Give us a break. I’m sure that post-pandemic exit plans have been given serious reflection, but at this time the present problems must obviously take overwhelming priority. Endeavouring to deflect the government’s concentration by asking it to prematurely declare its future intentions is frankly beyond contempt.


Just as predictable as the left trying to gain political points, up pop the usual suspects trying to turn it all into a racial issue. ‘Why’, they bleat, ‘are there more ethnic communities falling victim to the Carona virus than the indigenous population’? Well, let’s think…… er, maybe it a racist virus? Well you never know do you? Give us a break. I suppose that the situation wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that most of the ethnic communities totally ignored the isolation and social distancing rules at the outset? Or that a number of Mosques stayed open. Or that some of the Imams were preaching that the disease was the wrath of Allah over the infidels and not an Islamic problem at all?

Sometimes I really do despair of it all. I also think Trump had a point in suspending funds to the WHO. They did pander to China. They have ‘praised’ its efforts to control the virus. They did fail to admonish the Chinese hierarchy for withholding the facts of the plague for weeks before they had no choice. In my opinion, both the WHO and the Chinese have a great deal to answer for.

Keep the Faith and go safe.
Love Leapy.


  1. We love reading your column LL. If only there were British newspapers and news channels with the same courage to tell it like it actually is. Sometimes it is as if you have read my mind or bugged our house. In fact, you should give up the column and stand for the Conservative leadership!!!

    Just wait until the rest of the world finds out the truth about Wuhan and its laboritories.

    Best wishes


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