Village in Spain bans sadness, boredom and anger under coronavirus lockdown


A VILLAGE in northern Spain has banned residents from letting the coronavirus crisis lockdown get them down.

The mayor of La Pola de Gordon in Leon has posted a proclamation on social media announcing that “a new magic era” has begun, and that in the remaining days of confinement “getting angry is absolutely prohibited.”

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Any issues in the home must be “sorted out with smiles, hugs and lots of kisses,” Noemi Gonzalez Diaz declares.

The mayor has also prohibited “depression, sadness, giving up and boredom” in the municipality.

Recognising that the Covid-19 health emergency is a “difficult time” for everyone, she also called on locals to look upon it as an opportunity to “break with our old defects and open the way to a different world.

“We want to open the doors to the future, to innocence, to happiness, we want to forget egoism, and change it for solidarity and the common good,” the council head added.

When the lockdown does finally come to an end, Gonzalez Diaz says, “it will be obligatory to remember every night when we want to go for a stroll, hug, have a coffee with friends, enjoy the spring in our mountains with our children and every morning that life can change in a second, and not for the best, hence we will savour every musical note in company, every friendly glance, every friendly smile.”


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