168 Cruise Ship Passengers Disembark in Spain’s Barcelona After A Month Without Stepping on Land

Briton dies aboard coronavirus-hit cruise ship heading to Florida
(AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco)

ON this Monday, a total of 168 Spanish and European cruise ship passengers disembarked in the port of Barcelona after spending over a month without stepping on land as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Despite the general prohibition of cruise ships docking in Spanish ports, the Ministry of Health has authorised the ship to dock to make it easier for passengers to return to their homes. The cruise which began earlier this year was intended to end in Venice, however the global pandemic seriously disturbed its course of action.

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Passengers disembarking are from Spain as well as from other European countries who have all been offered the possibility to travel back to their respective countries from the port, whilst other passengers who remain on the cruise will travel to Genoa.

This operation has involved the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and cooperated with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban agenda.

The ship had been sailing since January and due to the restrictions enabled as a result of the pandemic, passengers had remained on the boat, unable to touch land, since March 14.


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