Princess Sofia of Sweden Hangs up Her Tiara For Scrubs Whilst Volunteering at Stockholm Hospital

Sofia the princess of Sweden

Princess Sofia of Sweden has exchanged her tiara for some scrubs, as she begins to volunteer as a Healthcare assistant at a hospital in Stockholm during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Princess Sofia, 35 years of age, has reduced her royal duties to be able to help out at the hospital after successfully completing a three-day intensive medical course at the Sophiahmmet University College.

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Now she will be able to assist the staff at the hospital amidst a pandemic which has already infected over 12,000 Swedes and sadly killed over 1,000 more. Her duties will mainly consist of non-medical tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

The former model married into the Swedish royal family in 2015 after wedding her now husband Prince Carl Phillip, the son of King Carol Gustaf in Sweden.



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