HEALTH AND BEAUTY: Beauty experts suggest you should grow it all out during isolation.

Change in routine: Take time to let your hair go through its natural growth cycle. Credit: Oui shave

HAIR removal is a personal choice. Whatever routine you choose, chances are it has changed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

As salons have closed, those who wax might wonder how to maintain their progress without undoing the time (and pain) they’ve put toward waxing.

Ideally, you should be taking this time to let your hair go through its natural growth cycle. It is frowned upon by aestheticians to shave between waxes, as waxing removes hair from below the skin surface and promotes a slower, lighter regrowth over time than shaving. Having said that, feel free to tweeze stray hairs and if you are going to shave we recommend changing razors every two to four weeks. Allowing hair to reach its full length will make the next waxing experience more effective, as there won’t be any little hairs trying to get through.

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Waxing poses the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation so the best practice right now is maintaining your skincare and exfoliation routine, including using products containing glycolic or lactic acid as well as products specifically formulated to treat ingrown hairs.




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