CORONAVIRUS: Amazon ‘Drone Doctors’ to deliver self-testing kits to UK homes


Amazon drones in trials to deliver coronavirus self-testing kits to UK households.

IT is understood that the government has commissioned a pilot programme ‘using Amazon logistics’ which will deliver throat swabs that are picked up one hour after a sample has been taken. This new test is different from attempts to create a home test that shows antibodies to coronavirus.

Text messages will deliver the results, with the whole process to be completed in less than 48 hours. It comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock prepares to face questions from MPs on Friday over the government’s coronavirus response.

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With enough drones, the UK population could self-test many times quicker than if delivered by post.

As the virus rapidly spreads throughout the UK postal workers are put in the frontline facing the danger of infection every day, If successful, these ‘Drone Doctor Deliveries‘ could save thousands, if not millions of lives.

Check back for updates on this exciting development.



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