One Month into Lockdown in Spain and Roots are Beginning to Show as Mercadona’s Hair Dye Sales Double


Mercadona has doubled its daily sales of at-home hair dyes as a result of the changing shopping habits of consumers which have been contextualised by a global coronavirus pandemic.

More specifically, Mercadona has informed that the supermarket chain has gone from selling 11 units of hair dye per store to selling 25 units daily per store.

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They also inform that they have received may queries on how best to use this product via their social media and free to call phone number which they welcome customers to use.

The supplier in charge of preparing the range of hair dyes available in the Perfumery section of Mercadona has accelerated the start-up of a new production line and increased the number of staff it employs to guarantee the supply of these products, made in a factory in Valencia, and the satisfaction of their clients.


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