Benidorm pupils write letters for the superheroes hospitalised with Covid-19

Caption: ENCOURAGEMENT: Lope de Vega pupils wrote to coronavirus patients

TEN-YEAR-OLDS at Lope de Vega International School wrote 32 letters to coronavirus patients in Hospital Clinica Benidorm.

Patients hospitalised with Covid-19 all agree that one of the worst aspects of the disease are loneliness and long days without seeing their loved ones.

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Familiar with this situation through personal experience, Lope de Vega teacher John Valero suggested that his fifth-year pupils wrote to patients.

As well as messages of encouragement, the children described their hobbies, recommending a favourite book, song or film.

“I was very moved when I read the letters,” Valero said, impressed that “superheroes” was the most-used word.





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