WATCH: ‘I will resist’ coronavirus battle anthem to boost patient morale in hospital on Spain holiday resort island Mallorca

DEDICATED: “We are fighting for you”, the hospital staff declare. CREDIT: Hospital Manacor Youtube

STAFF at Mallorca’s Manacor hospital have recorded their very own version of the song which has become Spain’s coronavirus battle anthem to boost their patients’ morale.

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The hospital team belt out the Duo Dinamico’s ‘Resisteré’ (I will resist), in a video which also celebrates every Covid-19 patient recovery.

The recording ends with a hauntingly lovely violin version of the tune and messages off optimism and reassurance.

“You are not alone.. we are fighting for you. We’re never going to stop”, it states.

“You have all our love and we are going to do everything in our hands to get you out of this.

“Together we can succeed. We will not rest. We will not stop. Whatever happens we will resist.”


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