War of words breaks out as expat residents argue over holiday destinations on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca


Expat residents have different views on where holidaymakers should visit Spain this year when tourism restarts.

AS the battle warms up between Spain’s holiday regions of the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca in attracting tourists after lockdown, readers of the Euro Weekly News have expressed their opinions as well as pending holidaymakers looking to return to Spain.

Expat Michael Walsh was first having lived in both regions as he told the Euro Weekly News: “Although I now live in Costa Blanca I am an ex-resident of Fuengirola and Mijas (Pueblo). I lived and worked in Costa del Sol, I still have many clients there so I visit and stay regularly.
In both regions, there is a woeful ignorance of the other. Although Costa del Sol residents are experts on the Blanca, whenever I ask them if they have ever visited Costa Blanca there are uncomprehending stares.
Sure, one section of Benidorm is cheap as chips but for goodness sake, there are many parts of the Sol as cheap and nasty. Why did I return to Torrevieja? I was a copywriter and trying to get paid by Sol clients was a lesson in futility. Of either overdue invoices, only two coughed up. That doesn’t happen here.
The roads in the Sol are manic; I never found a cab driver who didn’t share my despair at the angry and confrontational driving on the Sol. Each to their own; the Blanca, which is not at all like Britsville in Benidorm, for me.”

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Paul Bush came forward and said “I’d sooner have cheap beer in the sun in Benidorm than a flashy fish & chips in Fuengirola, you still get nice food in Benidorm.
“The offers are great but let’s be honest you got to get the people out there first. I personally wouldn’t dream of going to Spain until next year, and I would love to go out asap as my son and family lives in Riviera del Sol, because I lived in La Cala also for 13 years,” said Mike Taylor.
Ed Jones a regular visitor to Benalmadena six to eight times a year said “Costa del Sol for me every time, I’ve tried Benidorm a few times, yes it’s a laugh and I love Benidorm Palace especially, but there’s a special ambience about Bonanza Square that’s second to none and you can go and watch decent football in Malaga and travel with the lads.”
Although Damon Valance is undecided as he seems to love them both as he said “I can never decide, I love going to Valencia and I love Marbella, so I just go to both twice a year but with all the pending offers I’m hearing of then I would imagine the wife will choose Valencia first or maybe we will do a week first there, then go to Marbella for the second week.”
Mark Gittens though a tube driver from East Ham London, was sold on Benidorm “It’s an amazing place, I prefer it even to Las Vegas, they are all a bunch of snobs on the Costa del Sol and weekend millionaires, paid on Friday, skint by Monday, the 62 cent beer for me sounds very appealing.”



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