Spanish investigators confirm that hot weather and high humidity could combine to kill off coronavirus

COLD CLIMATE:  More Covid-19 cases where temperatures lowest, credit: EWN

SPAIN’S coldest zones have had higher Covid-19 rates, scientists found.

The State Meteorology Agency (Aemet) and the Carlos III Health Institute (SCIII) worked together to investigate the influence of climate and pollution on the frequency and spread of the coronavirus.

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Preliminary results of a study of the period between March 26 and April 5 indicated a negative link between Covid-19 cases and low average temperatures.

Their results were in line with the findings of similar international research, the investigators found.

Humidity also plays a part, although in this case high levels of humidity and high temperatures combine to significantly reduce the spread and transmission of the disease.

Warmer weather could effectively help to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the Aemet and SCIII investigators believe.

The same study also analysed other factors including air pollution and found that this – and in particular the PM10 particles found in dust and smoke – can aggravate Covid-19.




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