Spain holiday island Mallorca staying put and respecting lockdown movement restrictions

DECREASE: Movement in the Balearics under the state of alarm has dropped 73 per cent. CREDIT: Policia de Palma Facebook @policiadepalma

Balearic Island residents have one of the better records in Spain for respecting the lockdown restrictions on movement, Ministry of Transport findings suggest.

AN analysis of movements in the country under the State of Alarm based mainly on the positioning of mobile phones reveals the Balearics is one of the four regions where movement has dropped the most.

Comparing the data for the week running from February 14 to 20 and April 7, movement on the islands was down 73 per cent.


In Mallorca capital Palma the drop was even higher at 79 per cent.

A total of 254,073 people in the city did not go out at all, 15,454 made one trip, 56,466 two and 78,028 more than two.


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