Euro Weekly News readers letters from Spain’s Costa del Sol

Junta contradicts Ministry regarding prison visits
Alhaurín de la Torre prison. Credit: Facebook

Dear Euro Weekly News,

We are writing to you today out of desperation as extremely worried and concerned family and friends of the foreign inmates in Alhaurín de la Torre penitentiary.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic arrival in Spain, no safety measures have been put in place in the jail to try to stop the spread of the deadly virus.


The guards work on a daily basis without basic precautionary measures such as masks and gloves and prisoners are not able to keep the recommended safe distance from each other.

There have been no tests for those showing severe symptoms, nor for those with underlying health conditions that are high-risk.

There is literally no basic hygiene for at all. They are limited to 9 showers per 130 inmates, to which only around 6 are working on most wings. something as simple as hot water to wash their hands is surely a basic human right.

There have been no tests for the inmates showing severe symptoms, nor for the inmates with underlying health conditions that are in the high-risk category

I would also like to state that Alhaurín is a holding jail mainly for inmates who have not yet been charged for their alleged crimes. New inmates are still coming into Alhaurín who could be contaminating inmates.

We don’t have any other options right now. Our lawyers are pleading with courts and officials for information and appeals are simply being ignored in the majority of cases.

We are not asking them to simply be let free. But just to be treated like human beings.


Kind regards

The foreign families of Alhaurín


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