British Tourists Ignore Social Distancing at Private Villa Party in Bali

CREDIT: Instagram

A GROUP of British tourists have been captured on film partying at a luxury villa in Bali during the coronavirus pandemic.

A video clip posted to social media shows more than 20 tourists living it up at a private party, featuring a plenty of booze and a DJ set – completely ignoring social distancing measures.


CREDIT: Instagram

They were posted by Tyrone Hermitt, who closed his account with 200,000-plus followers after receiving a backlash.

He posted an apology ‘to all the Bali locals’ on his Instagram page saying: “This was not my party.

“I apologise for attending. I did not realise there was going to be as many people at the party and it looked more busy than it was.

“I respect Bali and will be donating to some charities to help locals who are losing jobs and need help.”

Indonesia has not formally entered a lockdown state, but has urged its residents to stay inside and avoid mass gatherings.


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