3,000 civil servants in Costa Blanca’s Alicante will be tested for Covid-19 as an ‘urgent measure’

COVID TESTING: Most in Madrid don't bother showing up Credit: twitter

Alicante City Council will carry out rapid coronavirus tests on 3,000 civil servants and employees as an ‘urgent measure.’

Each test costs €25, and with thousands of doctors, nurses and other council employees to be checked, the cost is likely to be €75,000, which will be funded though the municipal budget.

In other measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, Alicante Local Police officers and Civil Protection volunteers distributed 2,467 masks on public transport, between 7am and 9am this morning, at 21 different points in the city as people made their journeys to work.

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Councillor for Security, José Ramón González, said the distribution took place “normally and without incident,” and that the largest number of people given masks were in the centre of Alicante.

In the last 48 hours, Local Police have issued 105 fines for breaching State of Alarm measures, with 47 on Monday and 58 the previous day.

Some of these had travelled from Ciudad Real, Toledo, Valladolid, Albacete and Madrid.

A total of 725 vehicles have been stopped since Monday morning and 1,005 people at fixed and mobile controls.

And as a large number of people returned to work today, police visited several sites to check the legality, filed a report against a construction site in Maisonnave for not complying with State of Alarm measures or the terms of its licence.


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