Spanish Animal Charity on the Costa del Sol still has to look after Hundreds of Cats and Dogs Who Would Otherwise Die

Two of the volunteers with one little orphan Credit: Triple A

THE care of abandoned cats and dogs never stops but sadly for the Triple A Animal Charity in Marbella, the coronavirus has hit the charities pockets as much as many others.

With money being tight for those no longer able to work and worried about the future, many donations have simply stopped arriving but the animals in the shelter still need to be cared for, fed and taken to the vets.

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It costs about €10,000 a week to look after the hundreds of animals in the care of the charity and whilst not on its last legs it is certainly tottering.

The shelter has been closed to the public but every day the skeleton staff still have to walk, clean and feed the animals and all of the usual ways of raising funds such as markets, dinners and adoption fees are just not available to them.

There is a chance that if anyone wants to adopt  a dog or cat they can visit the site, chose the animal they are most interested in and contact Triple A by sending an email to and they will try to arrange special permission from the council to see if they  can start adoptions again in a safe way.

It is also possible to make a virtual adoption online at or to make a donation.

Volunteers will be outside Iceland in Puerto Banus tomorrow (Wednesday April 15) between  11am to 1pm as they are desperate to obtain cleaning material including bleach, floor cleaner, in fact anything to keep the animal area clean and germ free and even toilet paper would be appreciated.



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