WATCH: Police Arrest Wild Naked Woman in Costa Del Sol’s Torremolinos After Jumping onto a Police Car


THE Spanish woman, pictured in the video naked on top of a police car, has been arrested for the second time after bypassing the quarantine rules set out by the State of Alarm in Spain.

The first arrest happened on Sunday and after the National Police in Torremolinos took her statement she was released. Only minutes after being released, the woman proceeds to take off all her clothes and jump onto a police car, which once again, required officers to arrest her.

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The woman is seen climbing onto the official’s vehicle and is said to have begun shouting insults. Many neighbours were alarmed at the situation that had arisen on the streets of the police station. Police officers managed to get her out of the car and arrest her once again.

Every day, on average, police in Malaga receive or issue 100 complaints about people not abiding to the quarantine without any justification.


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