32 People Arrested by Spanish Police for Staging Illegal Cockfight in Malaga on the Costa del Sol


IT was the shouting of the crowd that alerted neighbours in the back streets of a local street in Malaga last weekend to the event, who did not hesitate to pick up the phone and notify the National Police.

After surveying the area, police soon discovered that inside the room it was full of people who were attending a cockfight, they did not hesitate and arrested them for breaching the provisions of the State of Alarm.

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As the National Police burst into the room they were shocked to find around 50 people still with their bets in their hands, drinking and smoking away and ringing with sweat from the excitement of the illegal game.

Officers also made the grim discovery of a room full of dead animals which were later taken to be destroyed. Fines handed out started from €300 up to €2,000 each for the organisers, and it was all going so well…



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