America’s New York sees Overworked Hospital Staff Dealing with Covid-19 get their Car Tyres Slashed


MANAGERS at a New York hospital have said that they will pay for tyres that were slashed in a car park used by health workers.

They had finished an overnight shift dealing with Covid-19 cases at the New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, when they discovered their car tyres had been vandalised.

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New York state police reported that 22 vehicles were hit.

A 29-year-old man, Daniel Hall, was arrested on a variety of charges, including criminal mischief and drug possession.

“We were shocked to hear of this incident, especially at this time when our employees are working tirelessly and courageously,” hospital officials said.

Before the tyres were slashed, dozens of police officers and firefighters had gathered outside the hospital to applaud the efforts health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic.


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