Spain’s curve of Covid-19 fatalities has now slowed down faster than both China and Italy

Spain's fatalities slowing down. Credit: Twitter

Spain’s curve of Covid-19 fatalities has now slowed down faster than both China and Italy.

AS of this Tuesday, Spain had four consecutive days with fewer new deaths and fewer new positives than the previous day. Unfortunately, since then the deaths have rebounded.

However, despite the rebound in these last two days, the general trend indicates that the control on the number of new coronavirus victims in the country is faster than in Italy and China.

It has been discovered that the number of deceased grow on average less than 1 per cent every day.


It is impossible to foresee with certainty what may happen in the coming weeks, there are many factors at stake, but there is consensus in seeing that the key will be the speed with which the curve of those killed by Covid-19 slows down.

Even more so given the difficulty of the authorities to carry out tests in a generalised way to the entire population. Furthermore, it is considered that the pandemic will begin to be considered controlled at the moment in which the average growth of deaths is less than 1 per cent.

This figure, for the moment, has only been achieved by China, for almost a whole consecutive month. In the last 15 days, just over 50 people have died of coronavirus in the Asian country. It took them 40 days to drop its index below 1 per cent from the day it recorded the largest increase in deaths. Italy, meanwhile, has 35 days to go and has managed to reduce it to 4.7 per cent.

Spain has been behind it for 25 days and, according to calculations made from the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health, the daily average is currently around 6 per cent.

The growth has slowed down much faster than expected. The behaviour of the curve for Spain as a whole is also transferred to the autonomous communities. The trend indicates that in most territories, the number of deaths grows less every day.



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