Simon Gregson who plays Coronation Street favourite Steve McDonald takes to Twitter to reveal he has coronavirus

Simon Gregson with wife Emma Gleave. Credit: Emma Gleave Twitter

Fans and co-stars have taken to social media to wish Coronation Street legend Simon Gregson a speedy recovery after he revealed he has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Gregson took to Twitter to let the nation know his diagnosis was made due to his symptoms as there was no test available.

The actor, 45, who has played Street Cars boss Steve McDonald since 1989, posted on Thursday afternoon that he had managed to get out of bed, and was starting to feel ‘a little better.’

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“First day out of bed today, starting to feel a little better after contracting the virus,” he revealed.

“My main symptom was gastric and still is bloody awful, but lucky to not have respiratory.

“Stay safe everyone x.”

Elle Mulvaney, who plays on-screen daughter Amy Barlow, said: “Get well soon.”

While Charlie Lawson, who plays his dad Jim McDonald, asked: “Were you tested?”

To which Simon replied: “No test available, was diagnosed via symptoms.

“According to the doctor diarrhoea is the new most common symptom.”


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