Young Paisley man recovering from Coronavirus urges Scottish residents to stay indoors during COVID-19 isolation

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YOUNG Scottish man recovering from Coronavirus urges Edinburgh’s residents to stay indoors during COVID-19 isolation

Twenty-five-year-old Calum Wishart from Paisley has urged the city’s residents to stay indoors after his recovery from the virus.
The young man, who was a patient at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, called his experience with Coronavirus the ‘worst week of his life’ and is now at home having recovered.
He is still feeling tired as a result of the ordeal but is slowly improving, the first couple of days at home were ‘very scary’ for his family as he was still struggling with breathing problems.


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“For all of you, the task is simple. Keep spreading the message to stay indoors,” he wrote in a public Facebook post.
“If you do you’ll protect yourself, your loved ones and our amazing hospital staff. If we all do our bit and stick together we’ll beat this and hopefully, less people will have to go through what I did.”
Mr Wishart also thanked the ‘amazing’ NHS staff who treated him at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
In this post, written during his hospital isolation, he described the symptoms of Covid-19 “Everyone needs to do their part and start taking this seriously. I don’t care how boring you think self-isolation is, I can guarantee it’s a million times better than this,” he wrote.
He also pointed out that young people, in particular, should take the virus seriously and not believe that only older people or those with pre-existing health conditions were affected by the virus.



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