Town in Costa del Sol Spain solves Face Mask Profiteering by Giving them to Residents

Handing out the masks Credit: Ayuntamiento de Manilva

AWARE of the fact that some companies have been taking advantage of consumers by greatly increasing the price of face masks, when they are available, the Manilva Council has followed a sensible and praiseworthy alternative.

It has encouraged individuals, clubs and companies to do what they can to manufacture face masks, initially for workers on the front line but then as so many volunteered to assist, it has been extended to include all residents as they need them.

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Officers from the Local Police aren’t just checking that people are shopping at their nearest store, but as they enter supermarkets so the officers are handing out free masks to all shoppers.

It’s a solution that appeals to everyone except for those who had hoped to make a quick few euros out of the coronavirus.


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