‘Miracle cure’ tout under investigation

No scientific basis for curative properties, credit: Pixabay

CATALONIA’S Upper Court of Justice (TSJC) is investigating self-styled healer Josep Pamies for promoting a ‘miracle cure’ for Covid-19.

Following an official complaint from the Barcelona College of Physicians (COMB), Pamies faces charges of endangering the public health and misleading advertising “aggravated by the grave health emergency” caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Pamies touts MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) as a cure for Covid-19, having in the past claimed that it could cure Ebola as well as malaria and autism.

MMS is nothing more than chlorine dioxide and Pamies, who possesses no valid medical qualification, organises workshops demonstrating how to produce the “miracle cure.”

Chlorine dioxide, used to bleach textiles and in paper manufacture is a strong oxidising agent, COMB warned, and if taken can cause “severe clinical symptoms.”

Because of this the Spanish Agency for Medicinal products ordered the recall of all MMS products in May 2010.

“Pamies is trivialising Covid-19 with bizarre theories that have no scientific basis,” Jaume Padros, COMB president complained.





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